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booking with ebb & float

If you’re new to Ebb & Float, please take a minute to read the guide below. All of your questions about parking and what to bring will be answered here.

If you’re ready to book now, go ahead and schedule! Don’t forget to plan some extra time to stick around after your appointment for some tea, journaling and reflection.


booking quick tips & faqs

We’ve put together this guide of personal pro-tips and FAQs for how to prepare for your appointment. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at or by giving us a call.


Parking is available in surface lot spots along the side of our building. If the spots are full, feel free to park at a meter on 5th.

float booking

Book a Pre-float Massage Chair Session

Booking yourself a 15 minute massage chair session for BEFORE your float is a total game changer! It’s the perfect way to help relax your mind and body before entering your float. Select a 15 minute time slot before your float appointment!

Skip the Coffee

Make a note to skip the coffee on the day of your float. To get the most out of your float experience, avoid caffeine and other stimulants for at least 4 hours prior to your session.

Eating Before Your Float

Both hunger and a full stomach can be distracting and uncomfortable during a floating session. We recommend a light meal up to an hour and a half before your float, but do what feels right for you!

Things We Provide

We provide a robe, towel, and disposable earplugs for your float appointment. Each of our private float rooms are equipped with their own private showers and an area for changing. You will be asked to shower off BEFORE and AFTER your float. There will be shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a washcloth provided for you in your float room.

Skip the Shave

Go au naturale the day of your float. Salt water may irritate freshly shaven skin, so we recommended you to skip the morning shave.

Yoga & Meditation

It is said that yoga movements help to prepare the body for Savasana. Both yoga and mediation before your float can help prep your mind and body to relax while remaining conscious and alert during your float.

Hair Color

If you have recently colored your hair, we recommend waiting for 6-8 washes before you can safely float. Play it safe and wait it out!

Things to Bring

We provide common beauty products as well as a hairdryer for you to use after your float. We recommend bringing your own hairbrush, hair tie, lotion, contact solution and anything else that you will need to get ready after your float.

What to Wear

Come as you are! Each float room has a dedicated space for to place your belongings during your float. We recommend bringing a change of comfortable and loose fitting clothes to put on after your float… you’ll be thankful!

Float in the nude. Get naked!

We recommend floating in the nude for the best experience! You are welcome to wear a swim suit if that’s what you will feel most comfortable in.

sauna booking

Things We Provide

We will provide linens and robes for you during your sauna session. Please let a member of our staff know if you require any specific accommodations.

Storing Your Belongings

Your private sauna room will have space for you to change and store your personal items away from the heat and moisture. After your sauna session, step into our private shower room to finish getting ready and leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.