find your float

ebb & float offers four unique float room options


Wave Cabin

Our ultra-modern wave cabins are built like a room, just open the door and step into a serene float experience. So, catch a wave.

Need a little extra space in your life? Floating can help you create that. Need a little extra space in your float tank? Our open pool can help you with that.
When discussing floating with someone new the most common first reaction seems to be fear of claustrophobia. This open pool concept eliminates this fear by offering the same sensory relief float experience without being enclosed.  It’s also important for us to provide this option for anyone in a wheelchair or struggling with other mobility issues that make getting in and out of an enclosed tank difficult.
We also highly recommend floating in this tank even if you don’t have space concerns.
No right or wrong float tank choice. We all have different preferences and comfort levels and our intention is to meet you where you’re at.
Have you tried our open tank yet??
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Open Pool

Our open pool is... well, open. High ceilings above and warm, salty water below. Great for first-timers.


Urth Tank

Get in touch with your elemental side. The Urth has everything you're looking for in a float session and is the go-to tank for all levels of floaters.


Explorer tank

The Explorer is a favorite for both experienced and newbie floaters. Explore a world of potential.