float faqs

How does floating work?

For 60 minutes you will float in 10 inches of 94º water containing a high concentration of epsom salt. The density of the salt to water allows your body to float effortlessly with the ability to reach a state of complete and total relaxation.

How are the tanks kept clean?

We use a triple filtration process to keep our tanks and water clean. The first step of filtration uses a micron filter (Class 1 filtration) that is FDA compliant for drinking water. The second step of filtration is a combination of ozone and germicidal UV light disinfection that creates a powerful oxidant, instantly oxidizing contaminants in the water. We then run this filtration method through a total of 3 returns, keeping the water safe, clean and ready for each float session.

what kind of tanks do you have?

We have been to over 20 float centers around the country, and have based our own collection of tanks on our personal experience. We have 4 unique tank options at Ebb & Float for each style and comfort level of floater!

The Explorer Tank (x1)

The Urth Tank (x1)

The Mandala Open Pool (x1)

Wave Cabins (x2)

What should I wear?

GET NAKED. We recommend floating in your birthday suit, leaving you free of distraction and restriction, but do makes you comfortable! Definitely avoid wearing your favorite clothes. Our salty water gets everywhere and can leave a salty residue on clothing.

what is sensory deprivation (and why does it sound so scary)?

Sensory deprivation is a process that removes external stimuli (such as sight, sound, traffic, texts, Instagram notifications) for a psychological benefit. It sounds scary because deprivation makes us think of things that are being taken away, but what you are getting to SO. MUCH. MORE than that. By removing these external stimuli, you can to shut out the noise and the demands of everyday life, and to JUST BE. 

What if I’m claustrophobic?

You can still float! We recommend booking one of our wave cabins or the open pool for your first time. As you get more comfortable with the concept, you can try all of our float experiences. You are in control of your experience and can leave the door open, lights on, or stop at any time!

Can I float if I’m on my period?

YES! We don’t feel it would be right to exclude HALF of the population from floating for a quarter of their lives. Periods are a part of life and we know that. Just use your best judgement and follow the same protocol you would when swimming in a public pool.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Absolutely, yes! Not only can you float while you're pregnant, but most women report relief from back pain caused by additional weight and the pull of gravity experienced during pregnancy. It’s also very common for women to to feel a greater sense of connection to their baby during a float session.

How often should I float?

Floating is no different than going to the gym or doing yoga; it’s a practice and should be done on a regular basis. How often you float is dependent on individual needs, but the benefits of floating increase with frequency.

In fact, the first float can often be the hardest float as you’re in an unfamiliar environment and not truly at rest. The magic number is 3. You should give floating a go 3 times before completely calling it quits, and we even sell a special package to help you do that! Ask our staff about our 3 Float Intro Package.

is this for real?

Yes, it's FOR REAL! We are HUGE believers in the benefits of floating (obviously), or we wouldn't be here. Just try it!


readY TO relax?

It’s time to unplug. Get ready to book and read our quick tips. See you soon.


still have questions?

Read our quick tips for first-time floaters, or give us a call.