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floatation therapy

how floating works

Floating is about doing absolutely nothing, and loving it. Come to our float spa at Ebb & Float to get off the grid, even if it's just for an hour. Floating does your mind, body and spirit good — take a break with us.

You will float effortlessly in heated water with a high concentration of salt (it's just science, but it feels magical). Lay back to let your body be removed from gravity and relax your mind.

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check out the benefits

  • Manage pain and accelerate recovery
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
  • Balance sleep patterns
  • Stimulate creativity and cognitive performance
  • Alleviate pregnancy discomfort
  • Complete mental and physical relaxation
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I have enjoyed 2 float sessions so far at Ebb & Float. Both experiences were unique and amazing. I left feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit.
— Amber S.

float memberships

club salt & detox
$175 per month

Get the complete self-care package with a Club Salt & Detox Membership.

As a member of Club Salt & Detox you get:

  • (1) monthly 60 minute float
  • U N L I M I T E D sauna sessions. You deserve it.
  • $49 members only price for additional float sessions (shareable with friends & family)
  • Complimentary pre-float massage chair sessions (relax to the max and book a massage chair session before your float)
  • Keep all of your unused float sessions! Use them for a relaxation staycation at Ebb & Float.

club salt
$59 per month

Get in a monthly floatation for just $59 with our Club Salt Membership.

As a Club Salt Member you get:

  • (1) monthly 60 minute float
  • $49 members only price for additional float sessions (shareable with friends & family)
  • Complimentary pre-float massage chair sessions (relax to the max and book a massage chair session before your float)
  • Save $5 on a monthly sauna session. Book with your float for extra zen vibes.
  • Forget to use your float? No worries. You get to keep all of your unused floats! Use them, share them, or let them keep adding up.

float it out


3 float intro

Purchase our 3 float intro package for $150 to test the waters before diving in. You’ll receive 3 floats for the price of 2 to feel it out and to see if floating is right for you.


Float 60

Sign up for a single 60 minute float session for $75. We won’t charge you until after your float, so there’s still time to save by becoming a member if you change your mind!


find your float

ebb & float offers four unique float room options


Wave Cabin

Our ultra-modern wave cabins are built like a room, just open the door and step into a serene float experience. So, catch a wave.

Need a little extra space in your life? Floating can help you create that. Need a little extra space in your float tank? Our open pool can help you with that.
When discussing floating with someone new the most common first reaction seems to be fear of claustrophobia. This open pool concept eliminates this fear by offering the same sensory relief float experience without being enclosed.  It’s also important for us to provide this option for anyone in a wheelchair or struggling with other mobility issues that make getting in and out of an enclosed tank difficult.
We also highly recommend floating in this tank even if you don’t have space concerns.
No right or wrong float tank choice. We all have different preferences and comfort levels and our intention is to meet you where you’re at.
Have you tried our open tank yet??
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Open Pool

Our open pool is... well, open. High ceilings above and warm, salty water below. Great for first-timers.


Urth Tank

Get in touch with your elemental side. The Urth has everything you're looking for in a float session and is the go-to tank for all levels of floaters.


Explorer tank

The Explorer is a favorite for both experienced and newbie floaters. Explore a world of potential.

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about floatation therapy

Many natural approaches to promoting healing only focus on one aspect of a person. What if experiencing complete relaxation only required you to float peacefully and comfortably in warm water for an hour?

At Ebb & Float, we bring unique natural healing to the greater Columbus community. Our friendly staff will help you find the right float tank style for your needs. We help balance your mind, body, and spirit, and find peace and rejuvenation.

What is Float Therapy?

Float therapy is a way to deeply relax in a way that blocks out all of modern life’s distractions, allowing your mind and muscles to release all their tension, so you can breathe easier and settle into a deep state of peace and calm.

Contact us today and schedule your float therapy session, and discover how relaxation can benefit your body and mind.

Is Float Therapy New?

Floatation tanks have been used since the 1950s. Although isolation tanks saw renewed popularity during the 1980s, they’ve only recently been the preferred way to unwind in the past few years.

They’re known throughout the world as an effective way of relieving stress. By bringing floatation technology to our community, we’re helping more people discover a deeper level of stress relief and healing.

While the process may not be new, most people haven’t had the opportunity to experience how peaceful they can feel through floating.

Safe & Clean

Float tanks are a safe, reliable way of letting go of stress and tension. The water in each tank is filtered several times between sessions, making it clean and sanitary. Several pounds of Epsom salts is dissolved in the water, which help you float effortlessly in the still, warm water.

The water gets heated to body temperature, creating an immersive, spacious feeling. It’s often hard to tell you’re floating in water at all because the temperature matches your skin. It’s a uniquely deep meditative experience. Most clients report that they don’t want to get out when their session is over.

Different Styles for Different Needs

Whether you prefer our open pool style, the relaxing Mandala Open Pool, or the traditional enclosed tanks, we can find the ideal choice for your needs. Our experienced staff will help you decide on the float style that’s perfect for you.

Your complete comfort and relaxation are our highest priority. Contact us to discover your options and help you relax today.

The Benefits of Float Therapy

Float therapy is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind, body, and spirit, helping you shed stress and tension. Those who have never tried float tanks can look forward to:

  • Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

  • Accelerated Natural Healing

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction

  • Enhanced Sleeping

  • Improved Creativity

  • Pregnancy Pain Relief

  • Mental Rejuvenation

  • And more healing benefits.

Floating takes pressure off of muscles and joints and helps soothe you into a state of complete relaxation. Whether your body or your mind is keeping you exhausted and stressed, floating helps you wash it all away.

When you need relief from your hectic life, choose Ebb & Float for float therapy.