floatation therapy

how floating works

Floating is about doing absolutely nothing, and loving it. Come to our float spa at Ebb & Float to get off the grid, even if it's just for an hour. Floating does your mind, body and spirit good — take a break with us.

You will float effortlessly in heated water with a high concentration of salt (it's just science, but it feels magical). Lay back to let your body be removed from gravity and relax your mind.


check out the benefits

  • Manage pain and accelerate recovery
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
  • Balance sleep patterns
  • Stimulate creativity and cognitive performance
  • Alleviate pregnancy discomfort
  • Complete mental and physical relaxation
I have enjoyed 2 float sessions so far at Ebb & Float. Both experiences were unique and amazing. I left feeling rejuvenated in mind, body and spirit.
— Amber S.

float memberships

club salt & detox
$149 per month

Get the complete self-care package with a Club Salt & Detox Membership.

As a member of Club Salt & Detox you get:

  • (1) monthly 60 minute float
  • U N L I M I T E D sauna sessions. You deserve it.
  • $49 members only price for additional float sessions (shareable with friends & family)
  • Unlimited massage chair sessions (relax to the max and book a massage chair session before your float)
  • Keep all of your unused float sessions! Use them for a relaxation staycation at Ebb & Float.

club salt
$59 per month

Get in a monthly floatation for just $59 with our Club Salt Membership.

As a Club Salt Member you get:

  • (1) monthly 60 minute float
  • $49 members only price for additional float sessions (shareable with friends & family)
  • Save $5 on a monthly sauna session. Book with your flaot for extra zen vibes.
  • Forget to use your float? No worries. You get to keep all of your unused floats! Use them, share them, or let them keep adding up.

float it out


3 float intro

Purchase our 3 float intro package for $150 to test the waters before diving in. You’ll receive 3 floats for the price of 2 to feel it out and to see if floating is right for you.


Float 60

Sign up for a single 60 minute float session for $75. We won’t charge you until after your float, so there’s still time to save by becoming a member if you change your mind!


find your float

ebb & float offers four unique float room options


Wave Cabin

Our ultra-modern wave cabins are built like a room, just open the door and step into a serene float experience. So, catch a wave.


Open Pool

Our open pool is... well, open. High ceilings above and warm, salty water below. Great for first-timers.


Urth Tank

Get in touch with your elemental side. The Urth has everything you're looking for in a float session and is the go-to tank for all levels of floaters.


Explorer tank

The Explorer is a favorite for both experienced and newbie floaters. Explore a world of potential.