We’re looking for people to join our Ebb & Float family. The right fit for our team is someone who is outgoing & passionate about facilitating a practice that changes lives.

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Experience Guide
As an Ebb & Float Experience Guide, you set the tone for the experience. You have a charismatic and welcoming energy and you feel comfortable finding connections with our customers, which makes them feel at ease. As an Experience Guide, you will need to be open to having meaningful and open-minded conversations with our customers after their float experience. Floatation therapy can be a transformative and deeply spiritual experience and we want to provide our community with the guidance they might need for reflection and growth.

Haven Host
Our Haven Hosts work behind the scenes to execute the details that compliment the magic of the float experience. You truly love floating and take joy in cleaning and turning over each float room, so everyone can have the same enjoyable experience for every float. The responsibilities of our Haven Hosts are extremely vital to the experience of our guests and the environment we aim to create.


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