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infrared sauna

full spectrum heat and light therapy

relax & restore with light

Full spectrum light therapy combines near, mid and far infrared frequencies, maximizing the health, healing & wellness benefits of a single sauna session. This Vital Health sauna heats your body with full spectrum light detoxifying cells, boosting immunity and calming the nervous system. Strip down and sweat.

Our sauna is housed within a completely private room and can be booked for 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Fresh towels and a private shower room are included in your sauna therapy treatment. Take your time to freshen up, or stay for a float to go totally zen.


sauna benefits

  • Cellular regeneration
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Detoxification of skin, muscle and organ cells
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Pain relief
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Skin purification

ebb & Float sauna memberships

club detox
$129 per month

Strip down and sweat with unlimited access by joining Club Detox. Sweat, restore and relax on the reg. Booking is always available in 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. Start off slow and build up to being a sauna sage in no time. This membership does not qualify for friends/family sharing.

club salt & detox
$175 per month

Get the complete self-care package with a Club Salt & Detox Membership. As a member of Club Salt & Detox you get:

  • (1) monthly 60 minute float

  • U N L I M I T E D sauna sessions. You deserve it.

  • $49 members only price for additional float sessions (shareable with friends & family)

  • Complimentary massage chair sessions (relax to the max and book a massage chair session before your float)

  • Keep all of your unused float sessions! Use them for a relaxation staycation at Ebb & Float.


about our Infrared Sauna

Plants aren’t the only things that require sunlight for health. We also need enough light exposure to remain healthy.

Columbus winters are rough.  Experiencing several months of grey skies starts to take a toll on your health and beauty.  This lack of sunlight leads to your body losing particular nutrients such as Vitamin D, which can lead to reduced immune system function, among other health concerns. A great way to combat this is to add more infrared light to your life.

That’s why we offer quick and safe full-spectrum infrared light therapy sessions at Ebb & Float.  Our infrared saunas help with the winter blues, also known as SAD, seasonal affective disorder.

Our UV saunas produce similar levels of healing that you would enjoy from hours of sunlight outside in as little as 15 minutes. If the fluorescent lights in your corporate job are leaving you feeling drained, come recharge in our infrared sauna.

What is a infrared Sauna?

Our infrared saunas have more in common with traditional steam baths than you’d think. But unlike hot stones and intense heat, infrared saunas are a far more comfortable experience.

Steam saunas have long been relied on to open up your skin’s pores, as well as help your body clear its passageways. Full spectrum infrared produces the same effects as steam saunas, but at a lower temperature.

Best of all, a infrared sauna is not as intense as a tanning bed, and is a safe, effective way of exposing yourself to the right amount of light. If you need a rejuvenating time out for yourself, our spa is the perfect place to relax.

How Safe Are infrared Saunas?

Infrared lamps that simulate sunlight use UV-A lamps, which produce the intense heat and radiation that  you’d experience from a day at the beach. UV-B lamps, like the ones in our infrared sauna, produce less heat and safer levels of radiation, making them very safe to use.

UV-B light mimics what your body would need to absorb outdoors without damage or even tanning your skin. While you won’t leave with a glowing tan, you will leave feeling renewed to the core.

Some people find that using our infrared sauna is safer than going outdoors because they have certain skin conditions, or their complexion burns quickly. When you need a reliable way to receive light exposure, try our infrared sauna today.

Who Needs Full-Spectrum Light Therapy?

Simplest answer, anyone living in Columbus, OH.  

It’s estimated that more than 75% of Americans aren’t getting enough Vitamin D.  Whether you work at night or the usual 9-to-5, it’s possible you aren’t getting enough sunlight. And because kids and teenagers often prefer entertainment that keeps them inside these days, even children are Vitamin D deficient.

Our infrared sauna is safe and effective for virtually anyone to use. If you have chronic condition or get sick often, a few visits to our infrared sauna could go a long way.  Our eyes also do not know the difference between the sun’s infrared rays and our infrared light waves. Therefore during your infrared session when your eyes sees the light your body releases serotonin, the feel good chemical.

When you can’t remember what the sun looks like, we can help you catch up with the light you’ve missed out on. Contact us now and book your session for full-spectrum light therapy.

How Does It Work?

All life needs sunlight to live. Without getting the full spectrum of light, most living things can’t activate all of their body’s healing processes. This is also why people living in Scandinavia, Alaska, and other regions that have prolonged periods of darkness, struggle with depression.

Lack of light can lead to any number of problems, from weaker bones and a decreased immune system to depression and increased weight gain.  Help relieve your seasonal affective disorder by sitting in our full spectrum infrared sauna.

If you’re ready to try our infrared sauna, call us and schedule your session today. In as few as 15 minutes, you’ll start to feel like it’s a warm, summer day.

Why infrared Saunas?

Some people find that they remain sensitive to intense heat, making regular saunas uncomfortable. With our infrared sauna, you don’t get exposed to extreme heat. Traditional saunas heat to 200 degrees or higher.  Our infrared sauna only heats to 140 degrees, creating a more relaxing session. The warm UV-B lights create healing effects at lower intensity, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Contact us to learn more about how our infrared sauna can benefit you today.

Full light spectrum therapy remains a safe and reliable way to keep your body healthy without the risks of sunlight or tanning beds. To feel rejuvenated, contact Ebb & Float today to book your infrared sauna session today.