About Ebb & Float

Conveniently located in the downtown neighborhood of Columbus,Ohio, we offer several ways to take time out to refresh and rejuvenate. Our float tanks and infrared saunas help you balance your body, mind and spirit.


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an incredibly renewing experience

Give yourself the sublimely luxurious experience of disconnecting from all the stressors, mind chatter, and physical demands of your day. A float spa experience is the ultimate in self-care.

The Epsom salt water fully supports your entire body, taking weight off your muscles and joints. The quiet lulls you to a calm and centered place. The darkness and body temperature water gently envelops you in a soothing embrace.
All you have to do is be.

A float session in one of our isolation tanks…

  • Melts stress away

  • Naturally relaxes muscles

  • Soothes achy joints

  • Clears and calms the mind

  • Balances and re-centers your body, mind and spirit

How Floating Works

Each of our float therapy rooms include a float pool or an isolation tank – also called a sensory deprivation tank – that alleviates the effects of gravity and blocks out sound and light. Over 1000 pounds of Epsom salt is dissolved into the warm water, to create a quiet, dark environment in which you effortlessly float, feeling weightless, relaxed, and renewed.

The high salt content in each float pod makes you more buoyant than the Dead Sea. This zero gravity environment creates a lovely feeling of weightlessness, which decreases the pressure on your joints and muscles, and allows you to release stress and tension.

Floatation therapy combines the relaxing sensation of enjoying a warm bath and the refreshing experience of taking the perfect nap, with the mind-calming effects of meditation.


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Infrared Light Sauna Spa

In this healing indoor sauna, full spectrum infrared light naturally heats the room without fire or hot rocks, unlike a traditional steam room sauna. Our infrared light sauna therapy uses three different wavelengths – near, medium, and far-range infrared light – to promote wide-spectrum healing and relaxation. Each wavelength of this full spectrum infrared therapy activates different aspects of your body’s natural healing process.

Infrared light is used to increase circulation and provides relief for a variety of medical needs and treatments. Whether you have the winter blues, you’ve noticed more acne than usual, or if you’re just feeling sluggish, one infrared sauna session will have you feeling positive and re-energized.

For a safe, natural approach to cleansing and healing your body, our infrared sauna spa retreat is waiting for you.

Our sauna in Downtown Columbus

For the best infrared sauna, our Ebb & Float health sauna is conveniently located in the center of Downtown Columbus, OH.

Call us to see what the buzz is about. And be sure to ask about the savings on our monthly membership packages.


once feels good but a routine creates results

Our club members know there's no such thing as a quick fix or magic pill. 

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about our float tanks

Our floatation tanks provide a way to step away from the stress of your day and be at peace. They’re one of the most effective stress-relief therapies. In just an hour, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. After a float session, many people report feeling like they just got a massage.

Our salt spa is unique in that we have four different styles of floatation tanks so you can choose the ideal one for your personal preferences. Float tanks are either open-style pools of water, or enclosed tanks of water. Each is located in a private float suite.

The Mandala Open Pool and Wave Cabin style float tanks are a way to relax in a more spacious environment. Our Explorer and Urth model float tank feature an enclosed style, which is the more traditional sensory deprivation floatation tank style. These are designed to help you quickly drop into deep relaxation that comes when you are in a calming cocoon of dark, warm silence for an hour.

When you’re ready to take a break from the busy pace of everyday life, we offer the best way to de-stress, relax and renew.